The Ocean Sisters Three

The Ocean Sisters Three

There were three Ocean sisters,

That lived in the Bay-

Sister Gold, and Sister Blue,

And third Sister Grey.

They slumbered on the Sea Floor,

In the city of “Chimes“-

And each visited the shores-

All at separate times.

Sister Gold came to the shores-

When the sun arose,

And with golden locks of hair,

Woke men from their doze.

She inspired dreams and hopes-

With her ocean art,

And sang with birds in the light,

Giving men good start.

Sister Blue came to the beach-

During the Mid-day-

Dancing with the mariners,

She met on her way.

Her charming cheerful nature-

Inspired men to love,

And made hearts grateful to live,

Under skies above.

Sister Grey was the rarest,

And came lone at night.

Scaring deck hands as she came,

With her dreary site.

Though lovely as the others-

Crowned by hair like ink,

Forced sea-dogs superstitious,

For fear ships would sink.

Each day they kept their habit,

Touring earth's dry shell,

Sister Gold and Sister Blue-

Gaining tales to tell.

But Sister Grey grew too sad-

By her empty life,

And stopped dwelling amongst men-

Who feared her dark strife.

But Blue and Gold came to shore,

So sun never fell;

Making Swabbies work for days,

Without their toil bell.

Fish were pulled and men grew tired-

From relentless day,

But none could refuse the haul,

Brought along the way.

Men sickened and fish schools thinned,

For day would not cease.

And wives prayed to Sister Grey,

"Bring back evening's peace."

People missed the starry sky-

Crying for the night,

and sent their voice to Lady Grey,

Begging “Help our plight.”

All seemed lost for the people,

Mourning their daft way.

Then one day after young Blue,

Followed Sister Grey.

The cool winds blew and folk slept-

With kin in their arms,

While fresh rains replenished fish,

Filled creeks and dry farms.

So the sisters carried on-

To walk shores again,

But now Sister Grey had more-

Tales to tell of men.

To this day the folk respect-

The chain meant to be.

So goes the entitled tale-

“Ocean Sisters Three.”

Justin Carlos Alcala

My name is Justin Alcala, and I am an author from Chicago, Illinois. My first published novel, "Consumed", was released in September of 2014 with Zharmae Publishing Press, and my second novel, "The Devil in the Wide City” is being rereleased by Solstice Publishing this summer, and my third novel, "Dim Fairy Tales" is due out in December of 2019. I am also an extremely nerdy tabletop role player and an avid blogger with a strong social media backing on Twitter (14.9k Followers), Goodreads (3,116 friends/315 followers), Wordpress (1,110 followers) and Facebook (1,500+ friends). My manuscripts focus on the playfully bizarre, with mild influences from Christopher Moore and Andrew Smith.


  1. Captivating poem, reflects so many things. The need for light and dark, day and night, as well as joy and sorrow. You've created that balance and harmony quite beautifully.

  2. Thanks to both of you for your fantastically kind words. Please feel free to check out some of my other works at

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