I am the sea, the all-embracing empathy

that warms the tender-hearted visionaries

who feel the flooding tide of love

and sink into infinity.

And I am the deep, the silence of the name

that crowns the fleeting hopes

that strive and cry aloud for breath

with the fire of immortality.

And I am the Aum, the all-pervading sound

that soothes the blind and broken

and gives them back their ancient right

to stand beside eternity.

For I am the breath of earth and the peace of air

the compassion of the sky and the song of rain

I am the transcendent

I am to be known.

Patricia Saunders

Patricia Saunders has had several short plays performed in Iowa. Her play, A Time to Change, won an Honorable Mention in a Writer’s Digest competition for stage plays, and one of her poems is being published by Eskimo Pie. Patricia has written articles and reviews for in-house newsletters on consciousness, music, and politics. In addition, she has been featured on programs broadcast by local radio.

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