Big Sur

Big Sur

weathered rocks pepper shores
catching crashing waves and beating back
a hungry sea
but stand there
foot troops for a battered coast

the air at times too cold, too crisp
but carries with it
like pine and soil
and ocean sprays
brought up from dawn

stepping in and out of morning mists

i taste the fog in little clouds
chew on it
as it burns away
and liquifies
the blanket
wrapped around me

walking in the garden
breathing in Big Sur
slow stepping down her jagged cliffs
no stairs are cut
but walking
cutting feet
is such a tiny price to pay

for Eden and her morning kiss

Donald Dean Mace


Donald Dean Mace is an artist, poet, and freelance writer living and working quietly in Yuma, Arizona. He has been published by Ariel Chart, the Yuma Daily Sun, Arizona Western College Magazine and his poetry was featured in a public service broadcast.

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