Little Lost Treasure Found

Little Lost Treasure Found

Just as tattered and all broken
And as threadbare as can be
With one ear torn and one eye closed
And imitation fur turned golden brown
And “dingy”
Is the word that lady used
When you were on the counter
At that old Salvation Army store

I guess you’ve lost somebody’s love
All used up, thrown out
And left to turn about
With all the other teddy bears
In boxes
Waiting to be found
And now by chance I happen by
A lucky rescue for us both today

Some washing and some good repair
A little mending and some tender care
Some stuffing here, some rubbing there
And you will be just fine I think
And happy
Laying by my pillow
With such little else to do as smile
And to lay in bed right next to me

Donald Dean Mace

Donald Dean Mace is an artist, poet, and freelance writer living and working quietly in Yuma, Arizona. He has been published by Ariel Chart, the Yuma Daily Sun, Arizona Western College Magazine and his poetry was featured in a public service broadcast.

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