Cliff Notes and the Robbins Effect

Cliff Notes on Jealous Jerks

The jealous jerks

only had to ask

and decent folk

would lend a hand

but no it’s too easy

to sleep at the wheel

and blames others

for the crash

for your guilt-ridden


The poet is right

You are cliff notes

To a high drama

You did not write

Yet nevertheless

Front and center.

You will be forgotten

like the alien booty

like the anal rust

like the alkie cajun

like the fake cowboy

like the hippie fence-sitter

like the insta-nut

10,000 snaps

And nobody’s home.

 Mark Antony Rossi

Mark Antony Rossi is a poet who rarely sleeps, barely drinks
and sparingly forgives fools. (This isn't one of those times.)
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  1. Too much selfishness in writing these days. Instead of informing society writers are just copying it. What a shame!

  2. Great poem on the dangers of jealousy. It’s out there folks. Deal with it or it will deal with you.

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