Return of the Globules

Return of the Globules

A globule

Of transparency

Reflecting starlight


To the ground

The terra firma

The earth

After which its form

Was developed

By lunar rumblings

Chastising terrestrial currents

A saline solution sloshed about

Shriveling into a desert

Where a pagan deity of war

Drug the bones

Of those who once lived...

And now the globules have returned

Bringing freshness

Floral vibrance

To a country

Dullened in beige and grey


John Tuttle

I'm a creative writer and photographer, having had my writing featured by Inlandia: A Literary Journal, Written Tales, Lit Up, Soft Cartel, and elsewhere. I also have poetry being featured in an upcoming print edition of Scarlet Leaf Review. My fine art photography has been featured in print - by The William and Mary Review - and online by digital journals such as Blue Marble Review, The Manhattanville Review, The formercactus, and OPEN: Journal of Arts and Letters. I'm also a newsletter editor for the London Literary Review.

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