Rain on Rhine

Rain on Rhine

It’s raining on the Rhine, Eliz
We were hidden in a castle
and created a kingdom
I was the king and you were the queen
Now kingdom is ruined…
It’s raining, or is somebody somewhere crying?
Dionysus, god of wine
Pray for us, my lord!

Let me tell you, Eliz, after you went home
I was left alone
in an abandoned castle
Without the queen
Without the kingdom
Scared to death by the silence of walls

Do you remember some people playing music?
In our castle some sirens sang an eternity song
There was snow everywhere and we were playing
Trying to find a rhyme for best line ever written

It’s raining on the Rhine, Eliz
No rhyme
No wine
No kingdom anymore, my Queen
Wherever I go I build kingdoms
Maybe I’ll never love again in this life, Eliz
May be never

Granit Zela

Granit Zela is a contemporary Albanian poet, short story writer, novelist, essayist and translator. Born in 1979 in Kukes, northeast of Albania, he was graduated from British and American Studies and Albanian Literature in Tirana. He obtained a Ph.D. degree in Literature on the poetics of the American postmodernist writer Donald Barthelme. Zela has published poetry volumes “Apocalypse” (2000), “In my Hermetic Studio” and “Altar Word” (2011). His first poetry volume was awarded “The First Song” prize by the League of Albanian Writers. Other books include the short stories: “Willing deaths” (2002), novel “Dodona” (2006) essay volumes: “Letters of Darkness” (2011) and “Sigh on banality” (2009). He is translator into Albanian of William Faulkner’s novels “Light in August” and “As I Lay Dying”. Zela is currently Assistant Professor of English in Department of Liberal Arts, American University of Middle East, Kuwait City, Kuwait.

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