In the Green Hour

In the Green Hour

After Gottfried Benn

In the green hour
silence illuminates shrouded a hope —

offers us a towering shadow,

a gleaming wing. 

A song begins to emerge from our mingled voices

as we enter the deep green. The chain that held us back, 

has fallen away. From our landing place —

such vastness! 

The intensity of the light

at first, frightens us, but we move ahead

through love and danger; regret and gain.

Our words begin to blur, fuse: become part 

of the fluid green; a deepening green. 

A wish fulfilled — 

our pulses meld, resonate 

within root and branch, loam

and wing; submerge and resurface 

in the lines of Buddha’s palm. 


Joseph Murphy

Joseph Murphy has been published in a number of literary journals and authored four poetry collections, The Shaman Speaks (forthcoming), Shoreline of the Heart, Having Lived and Crafting Wings. He is a member of the Colorado Authors’ League; for eight years was poetry editor for a literary publication, Halfway Down the Stairs.

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