I dropped apple tart crumbs on the floor last evening and told myself to sweep them up before retiring because my mother once warned me crumbs can bring mice but my belly was too heavy to be bothered at that fine hour so I left them till morning when I’d clean them up first thing but when I came down at dawn I found them gone and the floor beneath the table where I loaded my gut eight hours before had not a bit of crumb or scrap of apple to be seen because my trusty guardian angel swept up after me. That’s the only explanation.

Peter W. Yaremko

I have taught college and corporate writing classes and am the author of three non-fiction books: A Light from Within; Saints and Poets, Maybe; and Fat Guy in a Fat Boat. My novel, Billy of the Tulips, was published in 2018 by TouchPoint Press, and my poetry has appeared in Dual Coast Magazine, Poetry Quarterly, and Allegro Poetry Magazine.

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