Fear No Darkness

Fear No Darkness

There is beauty in pain,

Even when you bleed,

Even when you cry.

There is love around you,

Even when the darkness

Hides its gentle light.

I know how bleak

And insane life can become.

I’ve been cut by

The savage sword of hate,

But know…

When you look,

When you search in

That vast darkness,

You will see a

Lantern of light.

That will be me.

Come find me.

-Kat Lehmkuhl

Kat Lehmkuhl is a life-long poet from Ohio in the US. She has been happily married to her best friend, Sean for the past 25 years and has three kids. Her credits and awards include Ariel Chart and the WILDsound Festival (2018 & 2019.) Her most recent poetry book Words, Just Words can be found at this link https://www.amazon.in/Words-Just-Kat-Lehmkuhl-ebook/dp/B082GL8TKG


  1. Beautiful, thanks! I'm confused by your spelling of the word bleak, however.

    1. Thanks, Joey. My bad. That one flew by. It's corrected.

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