Cling to me why don’t you?

Pull me down

Leave me there

Dried out with nothing left

Stalk my path

Until fear leaves me

I am nothing

A being who has strayed

Wandering aimlessly

Looking for my past self

Right now

I am suffocating under endless shadows

Who won’t release my pain

Leave me alone!

I claim this space

To surround myself

With my empty baggage

Relive my worst moments

Breathe in the hurt of yesterdays

Please let me cry today

Tomorrow is waiting for me


Julie Stevens

Julie Stevens lives in Cambridge, UK. She has had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for 30 years. She used to be a teacher and was a successful athlete. Her poems tend to reflect the impact MS has on her life. She publishes under the name Jumping Jules. Her poems have been published on Runcible Spoon and in MS Matters magazine.  Her website is

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