Sinking Ships Where There Are No Rainbows


Sinking Ships Where There Are No Rainbows


caught in a web,

having emptied power

from your own hands.

Grown old before your time,

having forgotten the directions

to the jolly pathways of childhood.

Bad habits,

stirring the air as if ringing a vesper-bell.

Reservoirs of goodwill quickly depleted,

shackling you to servitude

of repeat performances.

Past Failures,

sitting on your chest,

so you can’t pull yourself up,

drinking so reverently

from the bittersweet cup of temerity.

Wasted time,

continually dodging 

all the need-to-dos.

Guitar strings unplucked,

flags not unfurled.

Pointless fears,

Worry and fretting

about small things 

that creep and crawl through

one’s tunnels of consciousness.

Do not let these weigh you down.

For too soon,

you will be naturally seeping

into the earth.


Linda Imbler

Linda Imbler is the author of three poetry collections published by Amazon.  Soma Publishing has published three more of her poetry books. Her poetry and short stories have appeared both nationally and internationally. In addition to putting pen and paper to inventive use, Linda is an avid reader and budding illustrator. This writer, yoga practitioner, and classical guitar player lives in Wichita, Kansas with her husband, Mike the Luthier, several quite intelligent saltwater fish, and an ever-growing family of gorgeous guitars.  Nominated for a Pushcart Prize and several Best of the Nets. Learn more at


  1. Just love the title alone, simply elegant and full of poetic experience. This journal is elevated with your work.

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