the rain vagrants’ piss

of steady stream little floods

pooling at our shoes

our shoes our clothes

ruined by wetness and stench

a stench found only this time of year

this time of year of campaigns

of promises made with mud 

of voting of frustrations and cheers

the rain shotguns’ blasts

of scattered sting tiny pricks

fooling no one else

no one else cares about size

or portions just wanting enough

enough found only in this part of earth

this part of earth of hunger

of angry noise made with dreams

of marches of graffiti and walls

the rain parades’ mess

of seedy strings, micro-men

ruling from their roosts

their roosts limned with lies

and vagrant promises and ruin

steady streams of walls  

 Michael A. Griffith

Michael A. Griffith teaches at Raritan Valley and Mercer County Community Colleges in central NJ. He is the author of three chapbooks of poetry, Bloodline, Exposed, and New Paths to Eden (forthcoming). Recent works appear in Ariel Chart, Impspired, Miletus Literature Review, Pangolin Review, Scarlet Leaf Review, and The Lake. Mike lives near Princeton, NJ.


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  2. Powerful piece. A vivid portrayal of politics and corruption in our world today.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, Renee. I tend to feel sour about a lot I see in politics regardless of the party involved. I wish I felt differently.

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