White Blindness

White Blindness

Life in its complexity

endlessly confusing:

wishing, always wishing, for the light,

misunderstanding—brightness can be a blinding,

the endless expanse of empty,

haunting, edgeless, white

Fear, grows in darkness, most say—

some seek, long, mourn for,             the loss of light,

but white can bring an emptiness,

just as fearful as night

What will be placed in it, what will be culled

from    these surfaces so pristine,

these opaque and pointless places

filled with only light?

Man ruminates          are men meant to blur the seam

to meld the two, to skip between:

to live within  to grow without           the line

write upon the white.

Deborah Guzzi

Deborah Guzzi writes internationally. Her poetry appears in Allegro, Shooter, Amethyst & Foxglove Journal in the UK - Blue Nib &Automatic Pilot, Ireland - Existere, Ekphrastic Review, Scarlet Leaf & Subterranean Blue, Canada - Tincture, Vine Leaves & Ariel Chart - Australia, mgv2>publishing- France, Cha - Hong Kong - Greece - pioneertown, Sounding Review, Bacopa Literary Review, The Aurorean, Liquid Imagination & others in the USA. Deborah was nominated for the Pushcart Award & Rhysling Awards.  


  1. A work of depth.

  2. The poem is very deep and atmospheric. Moreover, this picture, which makes me feel cold, is a perfect addition to this poem.

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