To Soignies Station

To Soignies Station

The train is due

A short drive from Masnuy-St-Pierre, my home

Passing the fog sitting on

The Neufville soccer fields

The yellow-orange sun

Staggering up over the horizon

Arms stretching in all directions

Horses standing serenely in their fields

Breathing newly formed clouds

Hooves sinking into the morning vapor

A single colt bolting and bucking

So full of a new life

Train stations have two faces

Last night,

I was a visitor here, an observer

Checking the departure times for tomorrow

Scattered strangers sitting, waiting

Some standing, doing nothing else

Not speaking, not responding to life

This morning I’m one of those strangers

Propped up in a cold metal seat

Shivering, luggage at my feet

Feeling a common bond with these

Unknown people going somewhere

One of life’s greatest pleasures

Off on a new adventure

 Michael Adubato

Michael Adubato was born and raised in New Jersey but moved across the ocean and settled in Belgium, mainly because the beer and soccer are better.  When he’s not at a stadium watching a game, he’s thinking about where to go for the next game. He also writes about those games when the poems aren’t flowing.  His greatest achievement was convincing a beautiful Slovakian woman to marry him. Ariel Chart is his first literary publishing credit.


  1. A work of flare and finesse.

  2. One of the best features of this poem is how the poet did not get trapped up in tourism and maintained his focal point.

  3. I relate really well to the introspection of traveling. Cool. And I'm not really a poetry guy...

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