Ethical Stranger Column Links II by Mark Antony Rossi

 Police Brutality in America Can Be Solved

The major role of police departments retaining people who have no business being peace officers.

What is the New Normal

Are the lessons of COVID-19 going to make us more appreciative of family, friends and good hygiene? Or we going to be more isolated than ever before?

Social Distancing is Bringing Us Closer Together

In many ways the virus has forced us to communicate more with others and even with ourselves. Why does it take a global crisis to improve humanity?

What Happened to Beauty?

When did we become so cynical that we started failing to notice the beauty in others and in nature?

The Virus is Fear

Fear can make us do dumb things. If we are going to overcome this global epidemic we need Facts; not Fear.

Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright, author of several books include the recent "Less Human Than Human" and host/producer of the literary podcast "Strength To Be Human"


  1. breathtaking range of subject and style. you are a true man of letters.

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