Losing Her Head

Losing Her Head     


She looked out from under

rich brown earth at devastation above and

smiled the wicked smile of satisfaction and contentment.

She was at last divorced from

that world where avarice and greed ran rampant,

and the talons of evil reached out to encircle the innocent heart.

Yet, she had also been a perpetrator

of that evil, the unknown blight on the earth above and

that now enveloped her as in a boiling pot.

She had carried with her the rage and guilt of the ages

that ran down in torrents and settled like

daggers around her black soul.

She had been as Medusa, with venomous snakes appearing

like winged dragons, turning the

unsuspecting wanderer into stone.

And now she was free.


Elizabeth Sams

I do have a network of individuals and groups who are assisting me to grow, learn and publish my work. I am a new member of Poetry Gabriola, the League of Canadian Poets, the Canadian Children’s Book Centre and the Canadian Author’s Association. I have online exchanges with CBC: Canada Writes and with poets and authors on LinkedIn and The Woven Tale Press. Naomi Wakan, Poet Laureate for Nanaimo, BC, has critiqued two of my poems and encouraged me to continue. Her comments were “strong writing” and “integrity – with nothing between you and the page except the words.” I am humbled. I am unable to include those poems here as I have already submitted them elsewhere. Another Gabriola Poet is currently reviewing an evolving poetry manuscript, Feelings and Fantasies. And, I have just this week had one of my poems accepted for publication in the Plum Tree Tavern Journal. I am excited to be on the way!


  1. The artwork for this poem is fabulous! Thanks so much. I am grateful and honored.

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