A More Perfect Union


Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright and host of the literary podcast
Strength To Be Human  podcast link


  1. Incredible piece of writing. Heartfelt and timely in a world upside down.

  2. Morris Stanley OtisJuly 6, 2020 at 7:53 PM

    Wow. What a knockout of an article. Glad to see someone out there standing up for right.

  3. Sir, you are a patriot and a serious believer in doing right by others especially if those others do not look like you. I admit it's hard to read what you have to say because like most black men I can relate to being unfairly treated simply due to the color of skin. In between the lines this is what you are nervous about concerning your sons. I deeply disagree in the way this vital debate is being handled. You are right we need a South African national dialogue. But at the risk of sounding controversial or unkind there are not enough folks like you that can speak from the heart, speak from experience, of who I can take serious and trust. You are now feeling what I felt my entire life. Forgive the cruel irony.

  4. If I read between the lines of that last comment it's saying now that anglo's are being targeted they might understand more what people of color have been living with for hundreds of years. That exact mentality has been put into effect in Zimbabwe for the past twenty years to a great detriment to its society. It's revenge dressed up in social grievance. This will not bring people closer together but further drive them apart. The writer is right to be concerned. It is the very definition of racism only now promoted by people of color. That's the cruel irony, sir.

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