His Soul

His Soul

Through wronged beginnings;

Fears, hurts, doubts never ending

I could see his soul

Splendid, ethereally bold

And a beauty to behold!

Watched, heard him rage out,

Against life’s floods and it’s droughts.

Rabidly devout.

Conscience with chance of losin

Distance-of his own chosin.

Those beleaguered eyez

Where impalpable pain liez,

Still true faith glistens

Despite his resistance and

Great love still in existence.

His aim ever clear,

To shed light while he was here.

Stubbled aura, his.

Compulsion toward shadows.

Places he’d go...few would know.

Then, mercifully,

To his tempests-sun’s rhapsody!

Boundless it’s reach.

Notes untamed, unfeigned, so sweet

Somehow demons had to flee.

Difficulties, yes


I could see his soul

Splendid, ethereally bold

And a beauty to behold!





Tinika Robinson-Edwards

Tinika Robinson-Edwards is African-American Poet who was raised in Georgia and has lived her entire adult life in California. She jests proudly at being a true Southern-Californian.

Her work has been featured before in Ariel Chart as well as other publications including DWI and Eloquently Speaking magazines.

In 2017 she won the BPC Poetry Superstar award for her piece on Africa.

Tinika is a retired Social Worker, Teacher and Rights Advocate and still enjoys volunteer work as well as her lifelong love of writing.


  1. In such times of trouble we need beautiful spirits. Love this poem.

  2. Such a lovely piece! There is something so light and inspiring about it. Really great stuff!

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