Life As a Shell

Life As A Shell

I sold my soul that they might love me,
For just a little bit, for just a little while.
Even though I hated them,
And I knew I was good.

And now they will hate me like I hated them.
Even though I am good and I loved them.

And they will crush me, like a used-up cigarette.

 Max J. Lewy

Max J. Lewy (1983-) was born in the ex-coal-mining area of the South Wales valleys, U.K. to a Jewish father and English mother, and is now a recovering patient of Mental Health System abuses. He studied Philosophy at Warwick Univeristy, undergoing a spiritual transition & potential breakthrough which was aborted and derailed by misplaced 'treatment'. He spent 6 months living on the street as a runaway from NHS 'services' in Brighton. He self-published his first book of poetry, "Madness: a form of love" in 2018, detailing his ordeals as a form of therapy (#PoetryNotPills #MeditationNotSedation) and defence, and is the winner of RealisticPoetry's 2018 "Perspectives Of Love" Poetry Contest for the poem "River Of Eternity (For R. W.)". While currently spending his time writing poetry and philosophy about Mental Health, he is also considering re-training to work in the field of Artificial Intelligence (although, as he says himself, his intelligence is already highly artificial!). In his spare time, he plays tennis, drinks pure cacao sweetened with Manuka Honey, a long with various


  1. One of the highest compliments I can give is to label a journal and an editor as a place and person that vigorously practices what they preach. Mental health is a critical issue on society's and I am proud to be part of the readership and will continue to boost and brag about Ariel to anyone willing to listen.

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