O Dear Leader

O Dear Leader

O Dear Leader,

Exalted One, above all,

May your days of oppression,

Be as long as your cruel reach.

O Supreme Being,

With brightest of mind.

May the unsuspecting masses,

Never suspect your cunning.

Millions may perish,

In want of a stale bread.

May your belly remain swollen

With delicacies of lands afar.

May your ears soothe, 

from paeans of sycophants.

And nakedness of reality, 

never reach your glistening eyes.

May your whims, moods,

Find obedience in all.

And tongues of complain,

find terrors of reprisals.

While children fall,

To the wrath of elements.

May your chamber overflow,

With mistresses and whores.

The hard earnings,

of your unfortunate subjects.

May find its way,

To comforts of your coffers.

May you, the all mighty, pardon,

My transgression of dissidence.

May he shield your vanity,

From disconcerting questions.

Note: This Sarcastic Poem is dedicated to all those “Supreme” and “Dear” leaders who mistake their tenure for a mandate from heaven.

Siddharth Sehgal

Siddharth Sehgal is a poet, writer and Editor in Chief of Indian Periodical


  1. Ariel Chart continues its tradition of publishing subject matter and voices that can make a difference in an indifferent world. I applaud you.

  2. Perfect for the times when people need to rise up against oppression.

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