Forest Floor

 Forest Floor

Let’s go down there
between the violet blinks
to a land that’s dressed by fairies
on a path that wedges open
the day’s seductive heart.

Let’s go down there
and be plush with nature,
to the cold comforting kisses
starring all the walls.

Let’s go down
to the bower of the jay,
feeding flecks and glimmers to its chicks.

Let’s go down
with a gift for a king who has everything
and a purse full of spring for his queen.

Let’s go and brush past the whispers
that fall from autumn trees.

Let’s go down there
and not come back
until we’re both remade.

Winston Plowes

Winston Plowes shares his floating home in Calderdale UK with his elderly cat, Sausage. He teaches creative writing in schools, universities and to local groups while she dreams of Mouseland. His work has been published recently in The Nude Bruce Review, SurVision Magazine, Jalmurra Magazine, Califragile, Shaking the Sheets Magazine, Bull & Cross and Otoliths amongst others.         


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