Mona and Michel

Mona and Michel

I saw the Mona Lisa
Or did I see her
She’s practically
a painted postage stamp
Housed in a crappy frame
Guarded by French goons
Who challenge good hygiene
As I challenge the authenticity
Of this experience
Is the real Mona in the basement
Stored for insurance purposes
Like Michelangelo’s journals
Locked away in the Bowels
Of secret Vatican vaults.

Mark Antony Rossi

Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright and host of the literary podcast “Strength To Be Human”  His most recent work has been published in Ariel Chart, Indian Periodical, and Big Windows Review.


  1. Big fan of this writer. He seems subtle but underneath a deeper meaning. Most cannot master this talent.

  2. It's good work, man. Unsure about the master or the deeper. Sounds personal as you ask me, Howard.

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