Carpe Noctis

Carpe Noctis

Let us plunge our feet in sand
Leave our mark for the tide.
Let us go below the docks
Where the moss slimes the ground
And squishes between our toes.
Let us roll around the rocks
In the dusty ancient sand,
Disregarding the bustling sounds
Above the wooden stands.
Let us taste the salty moonlight mist
As if it were sugar that rimmed our lips.
Let us drink together this playful fantasy
Before time washes our night away.


Nathan Bauman

Nathan Bauman is an aspiring writer and poet. He’s earned his B.A. in English with a minor in Creative Writing from Cumberland University, and has been published in Novus Literary, his alma mater's undergraduate journal. In all his work, Nathan hopes to inspire conversation from the shattered images he puts on the page.


  1. a carefree spirit inhabits inspiring poetry. thank you for this offering.

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