Lady's Slipper

Lady’s Slipper

Hanging by a whip-thin fragile tendril
Seam between realms imagined endured
A single maroon-butter pendant vagina
Delicately sculptured voluptuous conchita
Blow sweetly there- behold space shudder
Time tremble to the tiny golden trumpet
Succumb to a kiss of cool dew-water nectar
From this gilded slippersoft radiant spark
The universe wheels reverently round


Steve Lang

Steve Lang has published one collection of poetry to date, entitled, "'Heavenly Hurt” and his sonnet, “Hymn to Ninkasi” was recently published by “Grand Little Things”. Though from Scotland originally, he has travelled widely, especially in Africa, as an international school teacher. Steve currently lives in El Salvador with his wife and three children, where he is Director of a large and well-known international school.


  1. i saw the video and love this poem.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Bless you Eva! Thrilled that you enjoyed it!

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