We exist to dread the inevitability

That is meeting our untimely demise

I surmise that we all have the ability

To shed our former selves just a little each day

The way that time continues on with no regard

As to those being left behind in the dust

We must tread lightly

The days are long and heavy

Slightly, we pull apart

Only to return to the space where we last

Left remnants and particles

From an unrelenting heart.

Recklessly we intend to make sense

Of a senseless world 

Under false pretenses

The odds are meant to inhibit us from 

Prospering beyond boundless boundaries

In a state of being, there is nothing more to be

Than individual entities

Striving toward the nearest idea

Of bliss there is.

It’s hard to know for sure whether 

In the long run, any of us will be all right

We take flight to ascend over trends

Instead of pretending that we share the

Same struggles and the same thoughts

We have been taught to bask in our differences

Because they are what keeps us from falling

It’s time to stay alert and ready

Because our destiny is calling.

Alexis Garcia


Alexis Garcia is a queer Hispanic writer from New York, NY. She graduated from Manhattanville College in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in English. Since then, she has had some of her poetry published in a few anthologies: Volume Red and Volume Honey with Beautiful Minds Unite LLC and Upon Arrival: Threshold with Eber & Wein Publishing. 


  1. The best verse is a transformative experience for the reader. This poet can write.

  2. Ariel Chart continues to attract some of the vey best writing i have read in years. This piece is no exception. It has Poetry and Art and Philosophy all rolled up into one.

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