The Belly and Soul


The Belly and Soul


Carcasses saved from the trash

now comingle; dissolving slowly,

surrendering their essence for shivering souls

buried in blankets, lifting their bowls.

It cures what ails you, Jewish tradition foretells.

Chicken, vegetables, herbs, and time;

it’s penicillin served with matzo balls, noodles, or rice.

But the Irish can heal just as well

with their shamrocks, leprechauns and

their homemade poteen.  Single malt or blended,

with lemon in a hot cuppa tea,

it’s the water of life, the aqua vitae.

It sooths the sore throat and softens the aches.

To comfort the sick both have a role:

Soup’s for the belly, tea’s for the soul.



Brian Cummings

Brian Cummings is a retired public relations executive. He started his career as a reporter for a major market newspaper, now defunct, and switched to public relations early in his career. He has written two cookbooks and numerous articles, press releases and speeches, but this is his first attempt at poetry.  He and his wife, Maureen, currently live in Allen, Texas


  1. i like the traditional sense of soup as a medicine to heal a soul.

    1. I do too, but it also fills the belly. Hope you liked the poem.

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