typing while tipsy


typing while tipsy


Did I really just do that?

(submit with all of those

typos)  I was obviously

typing while tipsy.


What an impression I must

have left on the editors!  Surely

confirming what I’ve been

determined to hide from them.


Surely they’re hearing my

Brooklynese twang, and the

fact that I’d barely mastered

community college, that i was


born to a dysfunctional family and

years later, matriarch to one of my

own...that I spit on the sidewalk,

rarely recycle...hide in the basement

when tricksters and treaters are ringing

the bell


ok, shut it down, Emalisa...

just end the poem now)



Emalisa Rose


Emalisa Rose grew up in a beach town. She lived in a city housing project with many

friends of diverse backgrounds who were poets, artists, musicians.  This provided

much of the inspiration for her art.  She is a macrame artist, dollmaker and animal

rescue volunteer.  She works as a lunch lady in a NY public school. Her work has

appeared in October Hill, Beatnick Cowboy, The Big Window.


  1. cute and essential especially between the heavier elements of this journal. we need the lighter fare too.

    1. Thank you, glad you could see that :)

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