When Galaxies Collide

When Galaxies Collide



Immense, colliding galaxies unleash

The most powerful forces in the universe. 


The apocalyptic phenomenon

Rips space and distorts time.


Primordial star systems stretch, huge worlds dissolve

As luminescent, fiery suns explode.


The terminal clash races at the speed of light

While it is simultaneously deathly slow. 


A star birthing drama

That is both destroyer and creator.


The galaxies inescapably embrace

Like two sad lives tearing at each other.


Benign gravity roils the cosmos

And generates unfathomable energy.


A tumultuous silent struggle

That consumes vibrant civilizations.


Even with thousands of years of warning,

There is no escape.  Nowhere to hide.


Millions of light years away, the distant battle

becomes a tiny light show.


The disemboweling dance is

A case study for curious astronomers.


It entrances amateur photographers crouched safely

In dark Summer fields in a minor spiral of the Milky Way.


A long way for light and insight to travel

to announce that we too shall pass.

Bill Diamond

After working in environmental protection, Bill Diamond now lives in Colorado. The Rocky Mountains are both an inspiration and a distraction. His work has been published in a number of journals, including, The MacGuffin, Windmill, and The World of Myths. He writes to try and figure it all out.


  1. Science in poetry, yes, we want more. This one made you think and appreciate the cosmos in all its glory.

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