It's All Relative

It’s All Relative



The Icelandic guide shouts directions:

“Don't turn your back; you'll be swallowed by the sea.”


            “Don’t slip on the wet black sand.”

“See the cave under the tower of rocks?

   Do not enter.”


Why did I believe caution

would placate a slip

 into the sea crashing at my feet.


 I reach for my phone,

 watch a video.


My grandchild leans

 against a pine,

her jet black hair

  tied  in  green.


 I can do a backward flip.


 One pink rose on her shirt

 climbs, dances in the sky, 


  shrinks  to nothing.


 On the path above,

 dark silhouettes on the edge


 of a cloud   steal time



 Mare Leonard

Mare Leonard lives and works in the Hudson Valley where she is an Associate of the Institute for Writing and Thinking and the MAT programs at Bard College. She has published five chapbooks of poetry and the latest at Finishing Line Press in 2018. ShRecently she has published poems at Ariel Chart, Terror House, and Communicators League  She has a full length poetry book out for consideration  and is writing  new poems of resistance.



  1. enjoyed the work but the title could have been more imaginative. s. soren

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