Summer Afternoon in Cancun


Summer Afternoon in Cancun



Slowly, patiently, little boy

Building a sandcastle by the sea:

The smooth pale everlasting sea

So silent now and still in its eternity.


But speed becomes the essence of the day

As runners rush by, blind to your dreaming.

They clock their miles as they careen along .


On the water, jet skiers chew up serenity,

Boaters shatter the soft surface,

Kids, balancing on the golden banana, roar by in mad glee


Swimmers splash,

Way out now,

The tide become so low.


On the shore the gulls stand indifferent as sentinels,

And among the clouds, a balloonist drifts away:

Not yet a butterfly, asleep in a silken cocoon.



All move beyond you: you silent worker

Who never glance aside

But only build--


I look your way again and you are gone


Does your creation stand?

Or is it too washed away

Beyond remembering?


As I too get up to go.



Norma Gerber


Norma (Felsenthal) Gerber is an educator, (literature, writing), a former
editor and business journalist (fragrance, cosmetic industries).
Avocation: photographer with 9 books on Amazon.


  1. uplifting and much needed in these trying times.

  2. Summer Afternoon in Cancun was a moving poem about fleeting time. Lovely and moving. Poetry at its best!

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