In Coffee Veritas


In Coffee Veritas


I drink coffee, hot & thick,

from a cup I took from a

hotel in Slovenia

and admire the shapes

of the clouds

through the vast window


Somewhere else

in the distance

a bell is ringing from a tower

on a lush hill

announcing the arrival

of the end of one

more day of our lives



always best to remain


because the sun

will descend

the curtain will close


And I will continue to be

astonished by this life

in this body and pause

for as many sunsets

as I am given


-          XX-XI-XX & XXIII-XI-XX,  Casteau


Michael Adubato


Michael Adubato was born and raised in New Jersey but moved across the ocean and settled in Belgium, mainly because the beer and soccer are better. When he’s not at a stadium watching a game, he’s thinking about where to go for the next game. He also writes about those games for the website Yanks Abroad when the poems aren’t flowing. His first book of poetry is also in the works. He has been previously published in Ariel Chart.


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