The Sky is Lower Today


The Sky is Lower Today


There’s less air to breathe,

clouds are reaching arms

hauling me back.


I’m in a lake of stench:

thick, rising sludge,

wading backwards.


Tormented thoughts seep in,

drowning an aching desire

to leave a hint of light.


Today I’ve had enough,

a valley of hurt,

jaded as a disappearing moon.


When I find my bed

I’ll wrestle onboard and

hope sleep is kind.



Julie Stevens


Julie Stevens writes poems reflecting the impact MS has on her life, as well as other topics close to her heart. Her poems have recently been published in Ariel Chart, Dodging the Rain, The Honest Ulsterman and Dreich. Her debut chapbook Quicksand was published by Dreich in September 2020. Website:, Twitter @julesjumping.


  1. plugging ahead its harder on some days than others, a real common sense piece of writing.

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