Examination of Self



 Examination of Self



My sacred self,

My higher self,

watches my lower self,

from outside myself.


Never judging.

Free of emotion.

Knowing all is fleeting,

And gone in an instant.

Attach to nothing.

Love everything.

You can’t see yourself,

your face,

except in a mirror.


there’s a reason why.

We have to get outside of ourselves,

beyond our limited minds.

Our temporary bodies

and our false sense of self.

Where nothing good happens,

if there is no connection.

Reach out.

Reach out.

It’s all right there,

just go without looking.

Your inner knowledge has the answers.

There is no need to even ask the questions. 



 Robert Pegel


Robert Pegel is a father and husband who lost his only son four years ago.  Calvin was 16 and died in his sleep of unknown causes.  Robert turned to writing poetry in an effort to make sense of the unimaginable. He hopes his writing might serve as inspiration or help others process their loss and suffering.  Robert graduated from Columbia University where he majored in English. 


  1. tragedy and loss have a strange way of making us examine ourselves as if we have done something to cause this situation. but that is guilt talking and as before the incident it can only be dealt with my forgiving ourselves and not repeating the error again.

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