Her name was Alice, or at least that is what she believed, though she couldn't be sure of anything, as the memories inside her head were askew.

This would be Alice's fifth visit to the memory pawn shop; and with each new memory,

the line between reality and illusion began to blur.

Alice had always felt she lacked any real imagination of her own, so the memories she purchased were those from minds of great imagination, who could conjure up the most fantastical adventures and stories simply by thinking them.

At first, all seemed wonderful, Alice could recall the most amazing images within her mind. Landscapes painted in fluorescent hues, mythical creatures roaming the streets, fairies flitting to and fro, flowers and butterflies greeting her good morning. Everything was so real, so mesmerizing, she could almost touch the memories and would lie in bed for hours blissfully remembering.

Lately, however, Alice noticed the memories were more of a disturbing nature; visions of roses, the color of blood and funny little playing cards shaped as royal guards plagued her mind.

She also found it difficult to stay focused, for her thoughts wandered aimlessly, and even more upsetting, was the annoying rabbit relentlessly reminding her time was of the essence.; for what she could not imagine, and recently he had brought along a new friend, she called herself...

the red queen.

Alice sure hoped her new memories would make the rabbit and the red queen disappear, for she feared if not-she might just lose her head...

Lynn Long is a poet and writer whose works have been long published in Ariel Chart. Her latest poetry book Beauty Beyond the Looking Glass can be purchased on all major platforms and Soma


  1. Thank you Mark Antony Rossi for publishing my short fiction in Ariel Chart =) so very honored

  2. this has such appeal to the heart and soul. thanks for sharing.

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