4-D & Substance


4-D Style & Substance


The taste of assorted crackers, sorting pastel papers, a long soaking in a warm shower,    chopping dark eggplant, orange matchsticks of sweet potato, the first very fat Robin, the gray cat's sleek fur, a surrounding of quilts & pillows, a first kiss we remember so well. If I don't go slow & deep enough into textures, life feels listless, black'n'white, bleak, useless, dead.  'Can't do that other bit anymore.  It nearly killed all need, all desire. Nearly made this body evaporate.  Don't let's go back there again. The sky & animals like this quiet. Let's leave them alone & sing!



Susan Beverly

Susan Beverly's Masters in Liberal Arts launched her full-time writing, art, music & consulting career for Sweetspot Arts & Wellness in Maryland. She works in all genres and many art forms, sharing how creativity is key to health & happiness. Reach her at susanbeverly2003@yahoo.com or by text at 443.944.4762 Susan Beverly is a longtime Ariel Chart fan, who publishes with us often.

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