Bath Life

Bath Life



blue line in the immaculate 


conception of bath life, 

new love in every heavy metal tub,

crossing the breakers, whoop 

out to where sound leads the swoon and the storm. 


gilt graveyard gargoyle design

dropped like a grim plumb

deep red devil shapes in the steamy heat, 


the carving space of the eye. 

not a known angel, not a known vendor of flowers.


unusual business all these padlocks.


damp tools to loosen and dig

grand canal all the moon-way through


lifetimes. how like monkey god

how like not saying what we really fear


the blue red line and the devil


demon shape of the deep blue bath.


Rob Yates

Rob Yates is a young writer currently based in London and originally from Essex. He has released a small collection of poetry entitled 'The Distance Between Things'. He has also had work appear via Agenda, Envoi, Bodega, and other literary magazines. Some of his writing and recordings can be found through


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