Einstein's Remorse (for Nash)


Einstein's Remorse (for Nash)


To have a giant personal library that everyone admires. To live a life of only thought and write it down. Having things in their place to make a smoother path. To be held tightly all night against the terror of feelings. To know nothing all day but silence and nature. Having nowhere to go and nothing else to do. Being rested, calm and clean, clear-eyed and sure. Being open to the truth about our lives and days. Having space and time to be one's real self. Trying without knowing all that came before. Trying, never seeing what any future holds. Loving as if costing nothing in the grand scheme of things. Huddled as souls against so much invisible evil. Huddled warm and cozy, embracing all. Loving--that's what everything is made from. Forgiving myself making that, that murdered all. Forgiving?--Never, for giving such splitting to such persons. Enabled; unable to go back and make it all undone.    



Susan Beverly


Susan Beverly's Masters in Liberal Arts launched her full-time writing, art, music & consulting career for Sweetspot Arts & Wellness in Maryland. She works in all genres and many art forms, sharing how creativity is key to health & happiness. Reach her at susanbeverly2003@yahoo.com or by text at 443.944.4762 Susan Beverly is a longtime Ariel Chart fan, who publishes with us often.


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