The Great Seal



The Great Seal


Sit, and stretch your legs. Bend one knee

out to the side and pull your heel

into your groin. Reach forward, grab hold

of your big toe. Lift your chest

and tuck your chin into your sternum. Breathe in

and hold. Suck your pelvic floor and belly

up and in to lift your diaphragm. 

Slowly now, release, let go.


To walk the royal road of breath control

focus like a laser on its flow.

Draw the serpent, Kundalini, up

from root to crown. Give your soul

a glimpse of emptiness, transcendent bliss—

no self, no other, all one, complete and whole.



John Whitney Steele


John Whitney Steele, a psychologist, yoga teacher, and assistant editor of Think: A Journal of Poetry, Fiction and Essays, graduated from the MFA Poetry Program at Western Colorado University. His poetry has appeared most recently in Autumn Sky, Boulder Weekly, Buddhist Poetry Review, Blue Unicorn, The Colorado Sun, Copperfield Review, Eastern Forms, Ekphrastic Review, Lighten Up Online, The Light, The Lyric, Mountains Talking, Muse India, New Verse News, The Orchards, Road Not Taken, Urthona Journal of Buddhism, and Westward Quarterly.


  1. hard to tell if this is poetry or zen new age teaching methodology.

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