To Chris

To Chris



Little boy playing ball not worrying about a fall.

You play run and jump for joy, today’s a day you get a new toy.

Young man how you have grown, learning, reading and trying keep the seeds sown.

Light becomes dark trying to forget. Using, drinking with worrying sighs.

Don’t you want to live a better life than scrounging for pittance and losing your pride?

The sickness is eating you up inside. Sores on the skin tell how your pain is winning and it is not on your side.

Now you’re stuck in a tragic spiral, looping down, around life on skids.

Little man turn back. Run away from that life, you are better than your past.

Tragic accident took your life, getting better, getting away from the strife. Earth our resting place will cover you in her soft embrace.

Little man run free for paradise awaits thee. Your struggle with this life has ended. Just wait for the new one to begin.


Kristi Ivey

Kristi Ivey, is an award winning poet, children's, historical romance, and Science Fiction writer.

Visit her website: Her recent credits are Ariel Chart, Indian Periodical

and 1870 journal.


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    1. Thank you. Chris was a troubled young man. Life seemed so hard for him.

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