The Same Genes



The Same Genes 


pulse in our bodies,

we share a lineage,

a web of tectonic

plates and oceanic

currents that channel

how we become aware

together. We navigate

distant ways yet hold

kindred connections,


but we sometimes cling

to opposite perspectives

so lifestyle poles pull

us apart in crevice slides.

Then seismic shifts split

our ways of thinking

into trenches dug to enforce

differences in words

we can’t erase.


All the while,

we pass river banks,

where our common needs

wash in disconnected

yet parallel streams.



Diana Becket


Diana Becket was born in Manchester, England, and lived in the Netherlands before moving to Ohio. She began to write poetry when she retired from teaching composition courses at the University of Cincinnati. Her poems have been published in Common Threads, Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel, The Cape Rock and Muddy River Poetry Review.


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