The Times We Live In




The Times We Live in


Strange times we live in.

Once jovial places of interactions,

now deserted in fear,

Proximity that brought us near,

The Warmth, closeness

Bring fears of plague.

Distances offer safety,

To contend with isolation

Seem fate of all.

The unsureness

Of life, future

Became never-ending agony.

In waves of death,

Mourning and cries,

Precious, fickle life

Hang by the strand.

Hoping to survive,

The next onslaught.


Siddharth Sehgal


Siddharth Sehgal is poet, writer and Editor in Chief of the global literary journal Indian Periodical  His work has appears in Ariel Chart frequently and is currently a Poetry Award Nominee for the Best of the Net.


  1. indeed but stay strong my indian brother your country is becoming important because it is not rolling over for china or russia.

  2. your people are smart and interesting and you must keep battling through to shine like i know you are can.

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