Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow


Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow


             Welcome, my dear friends. What I am about to tell you is something I have never uttered to anyone before, for fear they may think, I’ve gone mad, perhaps even “as mad as a hatter.” 

            The first time I came upon him was late this past spring while hiking along the creek bank behind my cabin. He was picking wild blackberries and placing them in a vine-woven basket. I saw him again, months later. There he was, running through a thicketed area of brush in the vale near the stream. What a beauty and as white as fallen snow! He dressed to impress—at least the top half of him was. He sported a dress shirt, tie, and tails. His pants were—well—for this time of year, short, to the knees. He scurried, or I should say hopped, at a rapid rate of speed for such a large, floppy-eared hare. Then suddenly, he vanished down what I believed to be a rather large rabbit hole.

            As I ventured nearer, I dared not get too close for fear of falling into the abyss below.

            Dare I stray away from reality for a bit to explain why I went down the rabbit hole. Not at that moment, mind you, for I pondered if I should come back with a rope the next day and decided it would be for the best and, indeed, it was.

            As you may have expected, I shimmied down the rope with the grace of a sumo wrestler for curiosity's sake. Perhaps I should have told of my plans beforehand; however, I never expected to land on top of the fluffy mound of fur.

            I raise my glass in a toast, dear friends. Enjoy the hasenpfeffer and roasted rabbit!



Janice C. Carter


Janice C. Carter grew up in the Lowcountry of South Carolina and lives there with her family. She holds degrees from the Technical College of the Lowcountry and the University of South Carolina. Yet, now she has chosen to follow her heart and write. She has had a previous story published in Ariel Chart. 


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