I Made Friends With a Bird


  I Made Friends With a Bird



She watches me

From her nest

Scouting through the morning



And when she sees me step out

Into the garden,

She begins to sing. 


Such a melodious greeting 

Heralding a new day! Her song

Fills the morning like the tide 

Swells the sea. They say


birds recognize faces.


She’s not afraid of me. 

We watch each other

closely: she, perched

On top of the hibiscus,

me perched


on top of the world.



 Alexandra Goodwin


Alexandra Goodwin is a transplant from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and as such, nourishes her soul like an air plant without apparent roots. As she works toward semi-retirement, she has taken residence in her imaginary tree house above her mango tree in Florida. She has written a novel and three poetry books: one with her own photographs, one in Spanish, and one an adult coloring book with Haiku poems.

Her essays and poems have appeared in the Miami Herald; Dare to be Authentic Volume 1; The Light Between Us; Live, Love, Laughter, a PEN Anthology; citaenlasdiagonales.com; and Our Town News.


  1. may kind of verse that mixes nature and philosophy.

  2. Delightful work. I can hear that bird sing and see her smile!

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