Why Did You Film Clouds?


 Why Did You Film Clouds?



You see,

I never really lost you—


how does one lose sight of a torch

in this dark glacial age?


The fluid movement

of your new hypnotic—


then the pause

where you showed me

the space inside seconds—

un-tethered from logic,

from physics—


weightless, again.


I follow your instruction

to prevent suspicious rust,

avoiding the technology

that dead-ends the soul.


I find you when I close my eyes…

you rise and surround me—

it is here I find truth,

the key you promised.


In a dream we stretch

and merge on the pond’s reflective skin.

Our thoughts become substance,

a common island—

a place of rest, a home.


Remember the time

I found you naked,

half-asleep, half-awake,

reaching for your reflection

in the mirror?


You said, “help me, I’m fading.”
I opened my eyes, and said…


 Will Crawford


Will Crawford is the author of Amber Waves (Hare of the God Books), Actual Tigers (Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House), and Fire in the Marrow (NeoPoiesis Press). His stories and poems have appeared globally in magazines, journals and book anthologies such as, The Criterion, Poetic Diversity L.A., and Ted Ate America. His work has been nominated multiple times for awards and prizes including the Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize, People’s Book Prize (U.K.), and The Pushcart Prize. He is currently working on a screenplay about body dysmorphia tentatively titled, Mirrornaut. Will abides in Philadelphia, PA with his wife Kimberly and their menagerie. Will's passions include: animal rights, music, films, cooking, and esoteric arts. He enjoys the way dreams lack conclusion.  Direct Buy Link -- Amber Waves


  1. you went somewhere different than the title suggested and i truly like that. with poetry i see a great deal of talent but not much brain power. you have both.

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