A Call from the Past



A Call from the Past


It's real!

You forced me to give it a seal,

My tears remain congealed.

In darkest hour my fears renew,

I can see you with torture's menu,

I decided to live life anew,

Billows of happiness engulf me,

I was surfing in waves of misery.

I'm now a proud lawyer and father !

Before now, my thinking hovers round your finger

Listening to your voice again,

I can't help but recall pain,

I will fight!

The world thinks I'm full of might,

The tungsten has its own weakness,

My virginity stripped with fierceness!

I wept for humanity's goodness,

My vibrant muscle failed, I was featherless!

Mom will say " he is unusually silent"

I tried to speak, my voice got lost in your apartment

You are pleading now,

Yet you ruined my childhood within an hour!

Adeyosola Cole

Adeyosola Cole, a.k.a Memory's Quill is a poet, from Lagos, Nigeria. This is her first published work. She loves to write, read and do research.


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