Leaving Hope



Leaving Hope



I’ve changed my relationship

with hope, she said;

Hope used to be a gentleman caller,

arriving with charm and good cheer,

Daisies or Mums in hand

and wanting to just visit a while

before our date;

but hope has turned unfaithful,

taking advantage of a trust

I offered up so unquestioningly,

making promises

he never meant to keep,

sneaking around and trying his charms

on others not so weak

so I’ve turned my back

on hope,

wised up to his trickery,

and taken instead to embracing despair,

an exchange I can’t regret

because at least I know,

despite the loneliness,

I never will be left.




Barry Gordon


Barry Gordon is a recently retired psychologist. He has authored Your Father, Your Self (Birch Lane Press) and co-authored two other professional works. He has been writing poetry since he was a teen, but seldom submitted for publishing. His poem In Therapy was Awarded Third Prize in the International Library of Poetry and poetry.com competition in 2002.

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