20 minutes


20 minutes



I am in common


A ramble of racket


Waiting in a dream for what it is


The appearance of meat and fight


A judge of blather


I am in common


With meat and fight


Dreaming of a wait-ment


Of judgement and blather


I am common


A racket of whats


Waiting in a dream for what


The meat and fight


Judged and judging

Kathleen E. Krause

Kathleen E. Krause was winner of Phoebe’s Greg Grummer Poetry Contest, chosen by Brenda Hillman. Her work has appeared in Agni, Bluepepper, canwehaveourballback?, Danse Macabre, Denver Quarterly, The Four Way Reader #2, LIT, Lungfull!, Pennsylvania English, Provincetown Arts Magazine, Really System, Salonika, S/tick, Terra Incognita, and others. Her chapbook, Broth, was published by Linear Arts and she graduated from the New School with an MFA in 1999. Kathleen currently lives in Brooklyn with her husband, writer, John Schertzer, her 2 sons, and her dog. She works as an editor and a writing coach. https://kathleenekrauseschertzer.weebly.com/

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