morning creeps into me, 

filled with expectation 

and opportunity. 


all i can taste is your gun metal kiss. 


we peek behind the blinds 

to see where there is movement, 

where shadows begin to bleed away  

as sunlight melts the absence of light. 


shadows remain deep in my cave,  

in my squalor, down deep beneath  

stone and rock, 

down deep where your breath 

hangs in front of your lips and 

the cold grips at bone. 


morning creeps into me 

and i quell the urge to wake, 

or to breathe deep 

the subtly morning brings. 



Jack Henry


jack henry is a writer based in the deserts of SE California.  Recent success includes: Ariel Chart, Pure Slush, Raven Cage, Better than Starbuck's and elsewhere. in 2021 PUNK HOSTAGE PRESS released, driving w/crazy, available now at

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