Good Living in the City


Good Living in the City



There’s nothing like a bright, balmy day in the downcast city;

days which bestow the notion of a fortuitous tomorrow.

People walk their dogs, their eyes on the clouds,

Building empires in their minds, relishing on the early spring day.

Their smiles are tantamount to the suns.


On these winsome days, there’s life everywhere.


More automobiles move hither and thither slowly.

The windows are open, and arms loll out.

Perpetual peace is in the mind.

Store clerks sit outside their businesses.

The aroma of good food wafts out eateries.

There is new chatter in the air and childish laughter.

People are boisterous and sleeveless.

Some run, others ride bicycles, and there are skaters,

And bladers, and the roaring thunder of the motorcycle gangs.


All of life leaves their homes and revels in the outside

illumination like a baby does upon its first sight.


Buzzing bees hover near buds, scoping out future blooms.

Birds chirp and chat about the sun and the first leaves of spring.

Perverse squirrels jolt around couples kissing to backflip onto trees.

Cats sit on stoops and window sills, enjoying the often breeze.


Life is everywhere; all of life leaves its home.

And on these days, life with its sunny smiles,

Schedule plans for tomorrow and the days and weeks after,

unwary of a once purported dread of the future.


  Bolivar T. Cacares


Bolivar T. Caceres is a New York City artist who writes poetry and fiction. He is the author of the chapbook Outside my Garret Window. It is available on AmazonHe writes for and edits the film blog, Film Studies 401, which analyzes a classic film every month. His poem, Rain in the Streets, appears on ShortEdition. Connect with him on social media @BolivarTCaceres.


  1. the best poetry captures spirit as much as words.

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